What Are The Odds of Making a Hole-In-One?

Is Getting a Hole-In-One Luck or Skill?

Getting a hole-in-one may be the most satisfying accomplishment in all of sports.  

Home runs are cool, but common. Alley hoops in basketball are cool, but common.

The closest thing to a hole in one in any sport may be a cycle in baseball, but that takes an entire game to accomplish.

A hole in one is one shot that lands in the bottom of the cup.

But, is a hole in one luck or skill?

Here is the luck side of it.

Aiming and club selection are obviously two huge components of a hole in one. To actually hit the ball straight and hit the shot pure enough where it travels the distance you want it to travel, can be difficult or near impossible to accomplish for average golfers.

The next part that must be luck is the green itself. If you have never played a course before there is a good chance you don’t know how the green moves, so unless you dunk the shot, it is pure luck getting the ball to roll into the hole.

Now for the skill argument.

Obviously once you’re a better golfer you can do a lot of things to increase your chances of a hole in one. Like pinpointing distance and knowing the exact club and how hard to hit it. Whether to fade or draw the shot or how much back spin to use.

The next thing is if you’re used to the course. If you’re a better golfer you will be able to manipulate how the ball lands and rolls on the green, so the odds of you finding the bottom of the cup is a lot more likely.

Whether you’re a 30 handicap or a 1 handicap, a hole in one is an amazing accomplishment you will never forget.

So next time you play a par 3, pray to those golf gods.

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