On The Green Tips

Seven Things To Remember When You're On The Green

No matter what kind of golf course you play, the end result on every hole is you on the green.

The green is a sacred place in golf where strokes can be shaved off your score, or added heavily.

The green has its own set of rules and here are seven things to remember when you’re on the green.

  1. Extra clubs: If you just had to get up and down out of the sand or hit a bump and run, most of the time you are going to have a few extra clubs in your hand, other than your putter. A good rule of thumb for these clubs is leaving them on the fringe while everyone putts out. Most clubs are lost when you drop them in the green-side rough, look around after you putt, then head to your cart because you can’t see any clubs. Now you are without a sand wedge for the rest of your round.

  2. Order: On the first hole, you should talk with your partners about the order you putt on the green. Most people will say furthest from the hole, but ready golf is also an option some people tend to go with.

  3. Ball marker: Whether it is an actual ball marker, a coin or a poker chip make sure you have something to mark you ball. Nothing worse than asking someone to mark their ball because its in your line and they don’t have anything so they find a pine needle on the green and use that.Ball Marker

  4. Ball marks: Make sure to fix them. Nothing is more aggravating than getting down to read your putt and you have a crater in your line. It takes 3 seconds just fix it.

  5. Walking: Walking on the green can be tricky. You don’t want to walk on your partner’s line because that could mess up their read with your spike marks. So be safe and go the long way around.

  6. Flag management: A lot of things go into the flag when on the green. When you pull it, you want to put it in a location where no one’s ball will hit it even if they miss bad. And lastly, from every golfer in America, put the flag back in the hole, please. I was playing a par 3 course once and we pulled up to a 150-yard par 3, and there was no flag. It was tough.

7. Gimmes: The world of gimmes is a very weird place in the golf world. I’ve played with people who don’t give gimmes, give gimmes to a few inches or even a few feet. It should be agreed upon by the group because everyone has their own rules.

The green is a very interesting place on the golf course, but if you remember these rules and tips, it will make it easier. Maybe not your putting though.
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