"The Rock" Says He Hit A 490-Yard Drive, Or Did He?

'The Rock' (Yes, that's him) Smashes 490-Yard Drive

Recently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted on his Instagram page a picture of him golfing. Pretty normal, besides the fact that he is claiming that he hit a drive 490 yards.

Pretty normal, besides the fact that he is claiming that he hit a drive 490 yards.

Has he gone crazy or did he legitimately hit a golf ball that far?

Here are some reasons he definitely didn’t, with some backup from the great John Daly.

Why is this BS?

Well, first off, if you look up celebrity handicaps on Google, he doesn’t even appear which goes to show he isn’t much of a golfer and probably doesn’t play often. That means he probably doesn’t have the most fluid swing, without a good swing or mechanics you’re not going to be a good ball striker, resulting in you most likely not hitting a ball 300+ yards, never mind 400+.

John Daly made probably the most valid point out of them all in a video TMZ Sports got their hands on. He pretty much said, even the best world long drivers struggle to hit it 400 yards. Out of the last four world long drive champs only two of them have hit it further than 400 yards (423,427 yards). These are trained professionals who practice year round and make a living off of this stuff. It is hard to believe, although he is jacked, Johnson can hit a golf ball further than a trained professional athlete. Also, as Daly added, if you can hit a golf ball that far. Quit your job and get on tour. You have no business acting if you are that naturally talented.

Lastly, I know the guys on the long drive tour are big but Johnson is almost impossible to turn on a golf ball and hit it well. People say Rory McIlroy works out too much and is too muscular for his own good. Well just look at Johnson, the man is a mountain.

At the end of the day I think Daly is right here. Mostly because of Johnson’s inexperience on the golf course. If he was a Mark Wahlberg type person who is known to golf a lot and have a passion for the game, I could agree, maybe. But with someone who probably swings the sticks a few times a year at charity events, it is hard to believe.

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