Grab and Go Golf Snacks


Any golfer can spend endless hours practicing; lessons, stretching, lifting and playing but still not see improvement results. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re lacking energy when you’re on the course? You could improve your skills by taking a couple minutes before your game to prepare an easy snack. If you’re not dining at Philbricks or The Terrace Room check out some healthy, inexpensive options you can have handy during your next tournament.

1. Mixed nuts

Nuts are delicious and will keep you satisfied for a long time. They are easy to store in a Tupperware, zip lock bag or even a jar.

2. Fruit

Any fruit you can think of, you should bring. They will give your long last energy without the afternoon crash, while keeping you hydrated on the hottest of days.

3. Finger veggies

Vegetables are delicious and good for you as well. Bringing veggies that are finger foods such as celery, carrots or peppers taste great with some protein like hummus or cream cheese.

4. Cheese sticks

These come in a great portable packaging so you wont take up a lot room. It has the perfect ratio of carbs and protein to keep you fueled throughout your game.

5.Protein shakes

These are clearly high in protein and you can also drink it for a long amount of time. Your body will slowly digest it as you sip on the course. This will sustain a great amount of energy for you. Don’t forget to add fruit for some sweet flavor.

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