Cape Shopping

Whether you live on the Cape or have visited once before, something everyone knows about is Cuffy’s. A Cuffy’s is located in many of the towns on Cape Cod and you should never miss out on their great variety and deals.

When there is a rainy day on The Cape, cover up your golf clubs and take a trip to Cuffy’s with your family. They have every clothing option you can think of; from basic pull over sweatshirts to golf shirts.

Yes, that’s right, golf shirt. Cuffy’s makes top of the line golf shirts, windbreakers and jackets. The lightweight and breathable material makes playing golf feel and look good too. Each style has a large variety of colors and patterns from kids all the way up to adults.

Although the golf shirts seem like a must have, the pullover windbreakers really are a hot commodity. Don’t let a cloudy day and a light sprinkle stop you.

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Best Buy of September

 As some of you may know, September is Women’s Golf Month. So why not go out with a big fashion statement. As the month ends, the weather is beginning to get a little chilly. That is not an excuse to skip on playing your favorite game of golf!

A big struggle during this time of the year is keeping your muscles warm while feeling a little chilly. Well that ends here!

Chase 54’s Halle Sweater is a must have for you female golfers. This adorable sweater is made of 70% viscose and 30% cotton. With amazing material perfect for layering.

The fashionable and comfortable ribbed detailing cut in a v shape for the most flattering fit! Not only will you look great but, the neckline actually will help you stay loose while swinging. Not to mention this sweater is.

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