Five Golf Trends in 2018

1. Night golfing — Night golf has slowly been a rising alternative to morning golf. As courses start to stay open later, and offer good discounts for night golf, it appeals to many people. Especially for those who want to save a buck or two. Glow-in-the-dark golf balls and other accessories are making this move more popular among players on the big green, playing off the idea used on miniature golf courses.

2. High-tech golf — Better equipment means improved performance. The many golf apps available are providing golfers with professional guidance. Players are increasingly using these golf apps on their smartphones, which helps them record their swing, inform them of their distance and also how to improve their shots.

3. Fashion apparel —Golf shirts, skorts, and pants (among others) have seriously improved in its layered designs and material that is used. It will help keep the heat away during those hot days on the links, thanks to layered designs. More sporty polo shirts, skirts, and tank tops will be gracing the course as more people participate in the sport. New shoes from brands like PUMA and Nike have added new technology that will keep your feet dry and comfortable on course. 

4. Fitness centers — Watch for additional health and wellness facilities at various courses, resorts, and hotels, according to Golf Travel Guru. Along with well-equipped fitness centers, services may include walking or jogging trails, exercise classes, and even yoga instruction to keep golfers in shape.

5. More traveling — Increasing Baby Boomer-retirees make it possible for extended golfing vacations. Longer vacations may go up to three months at the fanciest courses in Europe.

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