Worst Phrases in Golf

Comments you Hate to Hear on the Course

When you are on the course, there are some things you love to hear.

“Nice shot”, “that went in”. “that was a long drive."

All those things usually result in a happy golfer, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some things golfers hate to hear on the golf course.

Here are just a few, if you have anymore comment the ones you hate.

  1. “You’re still far.” When you are on the putting green, it doesn’t get much worse than this. You are already frustrated with the bad approach, now you left it 10 feet short.

  2. “Where did that go?” You just hit what you thought was a great tee shot, but it ended up 5 feet into the woods, good luck finding it under all those leaves.

  3. “Anyone have another ball?” The worse feeling in the world is hitting two tee shots, both out of bounds. And then wanting to tee up another one but you are out of balls. so you call on your buddies to provide you with some Top Flites to lose.

  4. “I haven’t played in so long.” This is your buddies favorite excuse when he has topped five balls in a row and is holding up the entire group.

  5. “Bro, where is my phone?!?” While you decided to whip around every corner at top speed, your phone flew out into one of the roughs. Good luck finding it.

  6. “I think I left my wedge on the last hole.” Not only do you not remember where, you have to look like jack wagons in front of the group behind you.

Golfing and excuses have a really close relationship. Not only excuses, but comments.

If you hear any of these things on the course, you’re in for a long day.

Posted by admin at Nov 07, 2017 Category: Opinions