It's All About Your Clubs

The Iron Tee Shot

First tee box, par five, tight window.

The three guys you are playing with all pull out drivers. So do you.

The one friend you have that is about a 6-10 handicap hits the fairway.

You and the rest of your buddies are far right in the trees, but findable.

What if you went iron off the tee?

The stigma of going with the “normal” or “obvious” club in certain situations may be causing you strokes on your game.

Obviously, everyone wants to pull out the big d stick and let it rip.

But sometimes you can’t hit it straight, so what is the point?

Pull out a four iron, tee it up a little and spilt the fairway. You may only hit it 200, but it is better than 260 in trees.

We get in the mindset that we have to play it like PGA Tour guys to play real golf. Or that we will never get better if we don’t do what the pros do. If we don’t drive the ball, we will never get better.

My argument against that is, that is what the driving range is for…

You don’t need to waste strokes while playing.

If you can hit your four iron dead straight, you’d be stupid to go to your driver.

The same goes for a second shot on a par 5.

Why top a three wood 75 yards?

Pull a five iron and put it near the green. It will save you a lot of strokes, trust me.

Yeah, you may catch some heat for laying up, but hey you are in better shape to make par than them.

This doesn’t just go for big shots either.

If your ball is a few feet into greenside rough, don’t pull a Phil and pull out a full fledge flop shot.

Putt the damn thing.

Putting it out to seven feet is better than skulling one over the green.

Sometimes, the club you SHOULD play, isn’t the club that PGA Tour guys would play.

But that is why they get paid to golf, and you pay to golf.

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