Eliminate Hero Shots...Go Lower

Lower Your Scores Using These Tips

Are you a few shots away from your goal? Breaking 100, 90, 80?

Getting to that goal may be a lot easier than you think by doing one simple thing.

After golfing for awhile, you learn there is such a thing as a hero shot.

Sometimes, they pay off huge, most of the time they kill you.

Here are some examples of hero shots, and what you should do instead to go lower:

  1. Taking on water: If you have the decision to lay up or take on water to attack a green. Be smart. If you are a high handicapper the odds of you hitting a good shot that will carry the water is slim, lay up and save your score.

  2. Punch shots: You dropped into the woods next to the green. You have two options: Lace the ball between two trees that are about 2 feet apart and land it right around the flag, or aim five feet to the right where there is a larger window (you will just have a longer putt). The odds of you getting a shot between those trees are slim to say the least. Don’t be dumb, take the easier shot.

  3. Long putts: You have over 50 feet for birdie. Newsflash, you aren’t making it. Here is how to make par -- Imagine a hoola hoop around the hole. Aim for that. Too often high handicappers sell out for that long putt because they see Spieth draining them all the time, so how hard can it be? Well you just cranked it and now you have a 12 footer down hill for par. Instead, focus on that hoola hoop and give yourself a tap in for par.

  4. Tee shots: If you have a tight window, go with a comfortable club you know you can hit straight. Who cares if you can’t pound a driver down, it's going into the woods if you do. Playing your second shot from 175 out is a lot better than 120 out on your third shot.

If you can eliminate hero shots, and shots that only the best in the world can execute, your scores will start to plummet.

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