Tee It Up On A Par 3

Tee The Golf Ball Even When Using Irons

When you pull out that 7-iron on the way to the tee box of a par 3, should you grab a tee? Or are tees just for woods and drivers? Maybe a hybrid?

Here is your answer: When you are on the tee box of a par 3 use a tee.

Now before I tell you why, I will share this.

Arnold Palmer was once asked this question, and his answer was along the lines of, if you can have a perfect lie, why not take it?

So here is why you should listen to me and Arnold Palmer:

First thing is first, he is right. Why put yourself in a tougher position than you have to be? Why hit the ball off the ground where it could be uneven or taller grass than you would like, when you could put it just above the grass and have a perfect lie.

The perk of putting it right above the grass is your going to, ideally, make perfect contact with the ball and take all the other factors out of the equation.

Also, when the ball is on a tee it is easier for the higher handicap golfer to make pure contact because most of the time their swing path is shaky so the ball being in the air helps.

There is one problem with this though, and it will come with trial and error, which is the height of the tee.

We all tee our driver up the same height every time but how high should we tee up irons?

Much like a driver, a great way to experiment with this is the old athletes foot spray trick.

Go to Walgreens grab some Tenactin and head to the driving range.

Play with the tee, tall or short but keep it uniform for all your irons.

Once you find the ideal height you will be hitting a lot more greens on par 3’s.

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