RangeFinders vs GPS - Which Is Better?


Searching for sprinkler heads or markers on the ground too see your yardage is always a hassle.

Today we have technology like GPS and rangefinders to do it for us and it makes things a lot easier.

The two technologies are very different.

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"The Rock" Jokingly Says He Hit A 490-Yard Drive, Or Did He?

Recently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted on his Instagram page a picture of him golfing. Pretty normal, besides the fact that he is claiming that he hit a drive 490 yards.

Pretty normal, besides the fact that he is claiming that he.

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Cool vs Effective Shots

It's Better to Hit an Effective Shot, Than a Flop Shot

We have all seen Phil hit a flop shot out of the green-side rough. We have seen Bubba Watson hit his huge fade. We have seen

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Susan Hess' Golftini line contains fun and sporty ladies styles, including Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo, Brand New navy GT Tech Jacket and the Empowered Skort.
Check out the new Empowered Skort, printed with tiny geometric blocks between rows of elephants, yes elephants. How fun is that? Who doesn’t love elephants?Golftini Girl Elephant Skort Available also in younger Golftini Girl sizes, the navy print on white is versatile for pairing with any white or navy top.
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Golf Fashion for the Ladies of the Links
Summer is heating up on the Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds and Hyannis's courses which presents the ultimate challenge of wanting to wear the hottest new trends while trying to stay cool in the summer heat. Thanks to brands like Chase54 and Puma, you can have both. Here are some of our favorite new styles.  

Chase 54

Milan Polo: With contrast topstitching and a flattering fit you will fall in love with this polo. Featuring the DryFuze® technology, it.

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